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, born an only child of drummer Daniel Colson and his wife Jacqueline, developed her passion for music whilst growing up in Nancy, East of France.

"I was always interested in music while I was growing up - singing all the time, playing a little keyboard as a pre-teen, grabbing opportunities to play my Dad’s drum kit when I was a teenager."
"I also discovered the old songs by Charles Trenet, Maurice Chevalier, Édith Piaf and others that my grandparents were playing on their radios – I just loved these."

Whilst pursuing her primary studies in “Art Appliqués” and graphic design, Aurora taught herself to play some guitar in her early 20’s to accompany herself while singing and writing songs. Later came a keyboard and an Apple computer with Reason and Cubase - and started more serious songwriting.

A creative collaboration with Italian keyboard-player/producer Fed Conti resulted in the release of a collection of singles and two albums of electronic dance music under the name "La Boutique".
Several La Boutique’s tracks have been synchronized with television commercials, as well as featured in videogames.

'Live' performance was as important next step, so from 2005 onwards, Aurora identified several opportunities to sing with bands.

In 2008, Aurora formed a duo with pianist Kate Batchelor, playing a mix of pop standards and French songs. "Although I sang in English at first, later I included French songs, which the audiences loved."

In 2010, Aurora established a musical/creative partnership with the guitarist and producer Mike Collins; the two have released a series of singles as well as three EPs, mainly covers of well-known French songs, Pop tunes and Jazz standards, all available on iTunes store.

In 2011, Aurora started performing a selection of Jazz and American popular standards with a New York pianist, Al Clogston.

Aurora's latest venture is a jump back to her roots; under the name of "Aurora Chanson", she performs as a solo artist or with her band "Aurora & the Chanson Trio", an extensive repertoire of famous and not so famous French songs - from "Les Feuilles Mortes" (Autumn Leaves) to "La Mer" (Beyond The Sea) - Aurora takes you on a journey through Gay Paris, from the cobbled streets of Montmartre to the Parisien cafés with their old-fashioned charm and romance.
Aurora is also the lead singer of "Wild Willy Barrett's French Connection", an original quartet featuring a mélange of French, Irish and English acoustic arrangements, using everything from a guitar and cello, to Irish pipes and banjo, all under the direction of the inimitable Wild Willy Barrett. French Connection has been touring the UK since August 2015, and released their first album, "Cat In A Circus". The band will be out and about touring the UK from April to June 2016, with a brand new album they are currently recording.


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